The 8 Best Tower Speakers Under 500 - Top Reviews in 2021

Top 7 Best Budget Tower Speakers in 2021 – Complete Buying Guide

Best tower speakers under 500 are part of our series in which we have covered the best budget speakers available in the market. This article is specifically written by keeping in mind the best floor standing speakers under 500.

Should you Buy tower speakers under 500

The question of this answer lies in the comparison between the speakers that are less priced than the 500$ speakers and higher priced than the 500$ speakers. Only the comparison between these two price slots can bring you to a logical conclusion.

Let’s look at it one by one

Sound Range

This is something that does not depend on the price of the sound system. Even if you want you can get it according to your satisfaction.if you are a person who loves to listen to music. Then  No doubt you can get it according to the music requirement.

Movie viewers are in need of different types of sound requirements and the requirements of the game players are different from others. The good news is that the best bass tower speakers under 5000 for gaming and music both are available.


Subwoofers are required to handle the sound that is produced on very low frequencies. Even some very expensive speakers need subwoofers also. Sometimes subwoofers are part of the sound system. But it is not always necessary that you need the subwoofer. Sometimes subwoofers are not at all required.

Especially if you are all looking for a sound system that is good for the games then the subwoofers may not at all be required. This completely depends on your requirements whether you need a subwoofer or not.

Mount Type

A lot depends on the Mount type. Different types of speakers with respect to Mount type are available. Let’s have a look at some of these types so that you can find the best speaker as per your choice and need.

Bookshelf Speakers

Small in size, these are known as bookshelf speakers.These can easily be placed in the book shelves. These speakers are not meant to be mounted on the walls. It can easily be put on a shelf.

Wall Mounted Speaker

The next time speakers are the wall mounted speakers.  These are nearly similar to the wall mounted speakers although these are slightly smaller than the bookshelf speakers. The good things regarding the wall mounted speakers are that these do not not create hindrance in the movement. It does not occupy any space in the way.

Ceiling Speakers

The type of speakers are known as ceiling speakers. These ceiling speakers can be mounted inside the walls or inside the ceiling. The size of these mounted speakers may vary. The most generalized speakers that are available in the market are 4.5 and 6.5. Both of these measurements are taken in inches.

Another good thing about the speakers is it can be easily matched with your interior. These can be easily colored in any color you want. with your home or roof. These are also good and took very little space. In Fact, it takes less space even than the wall mounted speakers as these fit inside the

Tower Speakers

The next type of speaker is the tower type of speaker. Tower speakers are known to be the best performance-wise. The reason is that these have multiple cavities To store the voice and then to push out.

It means that it can easily create variety and the bass to the sound. It really improves the sound experience of the listener

Speaker installation Whereabouts

Another important thing is the space where you want to put your speakers. The space does matter if you do not have appropriate space and buy the speaker that is of the larger size.

Then certainly you will bring multiple problems with the speakers to your Living space.

Then you must always consider the type of speakers that can fill the space requirements easily.

Aesthetics are also a very important part of the life of humans. Therefore you always need to consider the color and the dimensions of the speaker you’re going to buy. If the speaker’s colors are chosen  carefully with this prospect it will really enhance the effect of installations in the room

if these are not able to be properly installed this will create a rush and messy look inside the room. Therefore please consider the aesthetic Appeal of the speakers before buying. This means that if you put a little effort you will certainly get the best tower speakers under 500. If you want it to be said in the most concise form then the best tower speakers under 500 for gaming or the best marine tower speakers for the money, or the best home theater tower speakers under 500.

This means that multiple types of the best tower speakers under the price of 500 are available and are really cheap.

Floor Stand to Choose with the Speakers

Now you have decided to buy the tower speakers. The next question that arises at that point is which type of speakers you need. With floor standing speakers multiple types of sands are available. These stands really sport the looks and the function of the speaker.

The basic type of these speakers is passive, powered, two way systems and three way systems.

  • If you can afford an exterior amplifier then you can go for this option to install the passive speakers which are usually accompanied by home theatre speakers. If you do not need an external amplifier then the passive speakers are a good choice for you.
  • The next is the forward speakers. As soon as you unpack these. These are ready to go for Rock and Roll. All the necessary things are installed, equipped, and running in this type of speaker, installed in a two way system. These are equipped with two types of mechanisms to handle highs and lows.
  • These are woofers and subwoofers. Both to handle the high and lows. If you have chosen these properly. It can even beat the performance of the three way system. Especially when you are playing vocals
  • In 3 way systems, there is an addition of between systems these are able to produce more detailed sound in comparison to the two-way systems. The addition of the mid-range devices really equipped the system to produce detailed sound for different frequencies/ This is the reason that if you want to listen to detailed music, even the minor details, then you should prefer the three way system.
Speaker Placement

We have already discussed that the proper placement of the speakers is necessary aesthetically. But here I would like to discuss that the placement of the speakers is imported in respect to its functions. If we place the speaker at the wrong place then you may not experience a clear voice.

Usually, people place speakers at the corners. But believe me, this is the worst place for the speakers to be placed. This will definitely decrease the bass quality of the speakers

The rule of thumb is to place it with the device from where it will take the input of the voice. Usually, this is your TV or the stereo system. it will look great but it really depends on the setting of the furniture inside the room

Multiple things are needed to be considered while installing or placing the speakers. These are the

  • placement of the decorative material in the room.
  • The placement of breakable material like the glass tables in the room.
  • The walls and the hanging on the walls.
  • The color of the walls
  • The color of the sealing.
  • The shape and color of the speakers.

All these elements should be appropriately considered and the sound pathway should be clear so that the voice that will reach you must not feel any hindrance. If the path of the voice will not be clear it will create hurdles.

The listener will not be able to listen to the true voice that has been produced by the speaker.

Things to Consider at the point of purchase.

While you are in the shop and considering the price of different available choices. There are some points that need to be considered while looking at the speakers. These points are discussed here one by one

  1. The size of the speaker does matter. But it doesn’t mean that every time you need to buy a big speaker that can provide you with excellent sound quality. Even the compact speakers are equally good. These speakers will not only save space but will provide you with the best quality.
  2. The durability of the product is also another important factor. Even though you are spending less than the $500 but you have put in an effort to make this purchase. You have done a lot and consumed a lot of time. Therefore the product you buy should be good enough to serve you for a good period of time. This is a point while finalizing your purchasing decisions you should consider the durability of the product.
  3. Current flow is another important factor that plays a role in the quality of the sound. It is known as impedance. Different types of speakers are available with 64 and at home full stop it is advisable that you look at the four models because these are speakers who have hard-core audiophiles.
  4. Multiple types of frequencies are used in a music album to provide you with the best experience of sound. Not all speakers are responsive to these frequencies for stock, usually, 3 types of frequencies are used one for the low frequencies the other for the high and The third is the midrange frequencies.3 way systems are considered to be best to handle all types of frequencies. While two way system is also good but It will not be able to handle properly the mid range frequencies
  5. Even though you are on a budget, you may ignore the appearance of the speaker while purchasing it. But do remember that this is something that you will see every day. This is a reason that those speakers also play an important role in the viewing of pleasant people. In spite of the fact that you are on the budget, do this consideration too.
  6. The next thing to consider is the number of speakers available. Sometimes the speakers are available in the form of a pair. Other Times the speakers are available as a single. Depending on your budget. If this is possible, it is highly recommended that you should buy the speakers that are available in the form of the pair.Even if you are thinking of buying a single unit, we advise you to buy two of them so that you can make a pair. Of course, if we do not have the budget issues. As the sound effect of two speakers cannot be equal to the sound of one speaker.
  7. The power of the speaker is another thing to be considered. It has two different dimensions; the first is how much power the speaker can take in the form of electricity. That will determine how much DB it can produce sound. Sometimes speakers can produce high DB but remember that the sensitivity of the sound is also important. It may be a possibility that the speaker can produce a loud sound but it is not sensitive to high and low notes of the sound. If you are purchasing a speaker for music listening then this type of speaker will not be a good choice.
  8. Your speakers will be of no use if they cannot be connected to multiple devices. So do consider the connectivity of the speakers while purchasing the speakers.
  9. After-sale service is also an important part that plays a big role in the satisfaction of the person who is buying the speakers. To make sure that you will get the appropriate customer services. Never forget to check the reputation of the firm in the market.

The 8 Best Tower Speakers Under $500 Available in the Market

This is our collection of speakers. Do remember that we have not ranked these according to the quality of the product. Different

BR08 - Borea Single triangle HiFi Floor

Triangle Borea BR08 3-Way HiFi Floor Standing Speaker

General specifications

  • These are Tower type of speakers
  • Triangle is the brand name of this product full stop. You need to place it on the stand full stop. The dimensions of this product or length is 41 inches, width is 17.5 inches and height is 13 inches.
  • The weight of the speaker is 26 pounds


Variety is a Tricky Singh two-headed full stop; this is the reason that we tell our readers to look at it properly. The triangle bread provided five years of Limited warranty. The first two years of warranty will be provided to every customer. While the remaining years of variety will only be provided to those people who you will register the product with.

Sound qualities

It is equipped with the scale on Twitter. This is the reason that it can easily handle the low frequency  with precision. It naturally provides clarity in the sound.


This figure is a beautiful combination of black and white it will really decorate the place wherever you put it.

Tower Speakers Rockville Home Theater Cherry Powered TM80C

Rockville TM80C Cherry Powered Home Theater Tower Speakers


General Specifications

  • The price of this sound system has been reduced 13%.
  • These are available in 3 different colour choices.
  • These floor stands speakers come with a subwoofer.
  • Rock Valley is the brand name of this product.
  • This model is known as TM80C.
  • This can be connected easily with Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Radio is present in the speakers as an additional special feature.

Reduced Price

Right now the price of this sound system is significantly reduced. Previously this product was surprising at  $ 399.99. Now this product is available for $ 279.95. This is a reduction of 13%. If you buy this product right now you will certainly save $ 40.04.

Colour combination

This product is full of choices. Available in 3 different colours. These colours are black Cherry and white. My personal favourite is Cherry.

Choice of size

This picture is available in two different sizes 8 inches and 10 inches. This review is significantly and specifically for the 08 inches model. If you want to buy a 10 inches model you may experience a slight change in the characteristics of the product.

For the 10 inches model, the reduction of the price is 25%. Previously these speakers in the size of 10 inches were available at the price of $ 399. As the prices have been reduced 25% now the new prices are $ 299.95. It means that if you want to buy this product right now you will save around $ 99.05.

Model name

Another change between these two sizes is the change in the model name. The model name for both 8 inches and 10 inches is different from each other.

If you want to buy the 10 inch size then the model name is TM 150 C. If you want to buy the speakers in the size of 8 inches and then the model name is TM 80 C

A Perfect Home Theater – Multiple Connectivity

This is truly a perfect and modern day home theater. It provides multiple connectivity. You can connect the music with the speakers in multiple ways. These multiple ways are

  • Built In Bluetooth
  • Built in USB playback.
  • Built in SD card playback. B
  • built in FM radio with cry

The wireless connectivity is well within 150 foot range and provides perfect interference.

Sound Quality

Different mechanisms but perfect parts are installed in the speakers.

  • To provide and handle loud and deep bass response two 8″ subwoofers are present.
  • For handling the incredible highs silk dome tweeters are installed.
  • To make sure that you enjoy the loud response with clarity. Following equipment is placed and provides you with the maximum functionality
    • 4″ full range drivers
    • Polypropylene cones
    • Rubber surrounds
    • Bullet dust cap

The Product Package

The dimensions of the product package are 16.54″ in width, 16.54″ is the height and 40.55″ is the depth. All the measurements have been done in inches. The weight of the Shipping package is 48.5 lbs.

Inside this shipping package, you will get the following products.

  • Two Speakers
  • Remote control
  • Signal cable
  • Antenna cable
  • Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Plastic or Rubber feet

Each speaker has Dimensions of 6.3″ in  Width 31.9″ in Height and 12.99″ in Depth. All the measurements have been taken in inches If we combine the Net Weight of both speakers we will get the fig of 41.9 lbs.

Floorstanding SXHTB Home Theater

High Definition Surround Sound Home Theater

General Specifications

  • Available in three different color choices white, black ash, and natural walnut
  • The brand name of this product is Fluance
  • For this audio device, the output mode is Surround.
  • The mounting type available is the floor standing
  • There are lots today full stop it is updated on the 5.0 channel

Wood Construction

Wood construction not only reduces the resources but also improves the quality of the sound. This is the reason that wood construction has been preferred in the construction of this speaker.

Lifetime Warranty

This is such a beautiful device that is provided with a lifetime warranty. Of Course, there must be some conditions. These conditions should be understood properly and effectively while deciding and finalizing the purchase decision.

S809 Series Speaker Floorstanding Pair by Jamo Studio

Jamo Studio Series S809 Floorstanding Speaker

General Specifications

  • The Speaker is categorized as the Tower speaker
  • The Brand name for this product is Jamo
  • S809 is the Model Name given to this product
  • These speakers are not Waterproof so be sure that you use the product wisely.
  • The subwoofer has the size of 5 Inches Diameter

Salient Features

  • These speakers are based on the Waveguide acoustic technology
  • Triple Polyfiber woofers are aluminized with the size of 102mm (5″)
  • These speakers provide you the Dolby Atmos ready
  • Seamless fastening system with the Patent pending.
  • This soft dome tweeter has the size of 25mm (1″)
R-24F Speaker Floorstanding by Klipsch

Klipsch R-24F Floorstanding Speaker

General Specifications

  • These Speakers are made to work in Outdoor
  • Klipsch is the Brand name for this product
  • R-24F is the Model Name given to this product
  • Floor Standing is the suitable Mounting Type for these speakers
  • Cherry is the Color given to these speakers

Salient Features

  • Horn loaded tweeter makes the experience Dynamic for you
  • Travel Suspension is made of aluminum and Linear
  • Dual copper spun with the size of 4.5″
  • High output through IMG woofers
  • Polymer veneer cabinet that is Brushed and is of black color
  • These speakers are 75″ in Height, 6.5″ in Width, and 10″ in  Depth.
100W RMS - Floorstanding Speakers - R-26FA Reference by Klipsch

Klipsch Reference R-26FA Dolby Atmos

General Specifications

  • This Speaker is of the Type Tower
  • Klipsch is the Brand name of this product
  • This is not a waterproof product so make it safe.
  • 5 Inches is the size of the Subwoofer Diameter
  • The Mounting Type of these speakers is of the Floor Standing type.
  • It can also be installed as the Ceiling Mount.

Salient Features

  • This speaker comes with a 5 Year warranty. But make sure that this is the Limited Warranty. So make sure that you should know all terms and conditions.
  • This speaker comes with the excellent Frequency Response that is 38Hz – 24kHz +/- 3dB
  • This speaker has a Sensitivity value has 97dB at 2.83V / 1m
  • The Power Handling of this product is excellent. The count or the peak value of this product is 100W and 400W.
  • It works with the Nominal Impedance and is Compatible at 8 Ohms.

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Floorstanding Speaker RP-5000F - by Klipsch

 Klipsch RP-5000F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker

General Specifications

  • These are Outdoor types of the speaker
  • The Brand name for this product isKlipsch
  • Model Name for this product is Reference

Technical Product Specifications

  • Vented Tweeter Design
  • Hybrid Cross-Section
  • Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers
  • Linear Travel Suspension (LTS)
  • Titanium Diaphragm Tweeter
  • 2-Way Speaker Design
  • Flexible, Removable Grille
  • Tractrix Horn

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Final words

This article daily has everything that you want to know about the best tower speakers. We have done our utmost effort to provide you with the first hand ready-to-use type of information to keep yourself updated about the tower speakers. Do visit our website again and again and every time you will find a new piece of information for you.