VM Audio Floor standing Home Bluetooth Tower Speakers Review

The VM Audio Floor standing Home Bluetooth Tower Speakers will get the music pumping in your house with a crisp sound. They are the perfect answer for your entertainment and all-around audio needs. If you are in need of something to play your music or movies with clarity and precision, then you are going to love the SRAT10-BK.

It comes with an easy setup process, a broad axis coverage, motion control suspension, dual layer pulp, active EMF motor, interlock structure, USB/SD playback, voice factor, seamless stellar range, and A/B topology!

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  • High performance sound with smooth and detailed reproduction
  • Wide range 3-way soundstage performance
  • Fully powered, bi-amplified system
  • Advanced wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Internal, magnetic motor shielding protection
  • Optimum bass reflex wood enclosure design


  • First and foremost, we absolutely loved the easy 1-2-3 setup for this speaker system.
  • If you are tired of having to go through the wires and configuration of the other speaker systems out there, then you are going to love this one.
  • You can plug and play this speaker system and go straight to watching your movie or listening to your music instantly.
  • In fact, you might not even need to plug anything at all. The speakers support Bluetooth connection so you can listen to all of your device’s output through it in a clear sound with no integrity loss whatsoever.
  • No longer will you have to mess with cable clutter except for the power cord. Go straight into immersing yourself in the sound.
  • With the broad axis coverage, the VM audio has a composite dome tweeter pair that will get rid of the highs in a dispersive manner so you can listen to them comfortably.
  • This cap on the loudness of your sounds will mean that you are not going to burst your ears listening to loud music and movies while still having a loud and robust sound.
  • You have a rough sense of how loud the sounds were, and you do not have to mess with the frequencies of the speaker at all.
  • This gives you a lot more time to just appreciate how great the sounds are when you play them and you can marvel at the quality of the tones that are coming out of your speakers.
  • Using the interlock signature, as well as the dual layer pulp, you have control over the frequency integration to the woofer and the midrange. This gives you a lot more precision on how the low and mid bass performs.
  • They are both durably constructed, so you do not have to worry about the high-powered and louder volumes causing you any troubles in the long run.
  • You can trust the active EMF motor to give you a cleaner and more responsive soundstage.
  • The generation of accurate and distortion-free bass will let you appreciate how awesome the sounds coming out are, especially if you are someone that plays high-quality music files.


  • The clear sounds of the speakers are great at the very start, but after a long while, you will begin to hear a faint buzz kicking in. There are a few ways to get rid of the buzz with the configuration, but that means you are going to have to do a lot of tweaking along the way.
  • This might be a durability issue in itself, but we did not experience any other issues with the speaker system.
  • The features worked as intended and there were no issues with playing loud music and movies at all.


The SRAT10-BK setup of the VM Audio Floor standing Home Bluetooth Tower Speakers gets four stars out of five from us. It is one of the most impressive speaker sets that we have seen so far within its price range. Considering that it comes in pairs, you have to give it up for VM Audio.

They worked very hard to make sure that everything is in place and in order while maintaining the high quality of their equipment. It is also very easy to set up, which makes it incredibly newbie friendly for people who do not want to tweak too many things before they listen.