Floor-Standing Speakers Under $500

It’s said that music nourishes the soul and helps to relieve pressure from your mind after a long tedious day. Although music plays such a key role in our lives, not all music sounds have the capacity to do the magic. Therefore, a special entertainment system is needed to keep you entertained when listening to your music. One such system is a powerful floor-standing speaker system.

Designed with contemporary technology that helps to deliver refined surround-sound music, these speakers have the capacity to transform the atmosphere in your house into something captivating and more appealing.

Floor-standing speakers have a lot of benefits as compared to normal speakers. These speakers are designed with tweeters, mid ranges and coned woofers that make it extremely magnificent when listening to music, watching movies or watching any type of sports events. When looking for floor-standing speakers, it’s good to understand that there are thousands of different brands with each featuring a different price tag. Depending with what you intend to buy, these speakers can range all the way to $1,000 plus.

For those music enthusiasts looking for inexpensive and high performance floor-standing speakers which match with your home theater system, this article will review some of the best Floor-Standing Speakers Under $500.

Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Floor-standing Loudspeaker

The Pioneer SP-FS52 is our first floor-standing loudspeaker under $500 we managed to review. Designed with high-quality efficiency by Andrew Jones, this speaker has the capacity to deliver quality sounds making it a major competitor in the music arena.

Designed with two 1” dome tweeters and a total of six 5¼” coned woofers with powerful magnets, these speakers are capable of converting your living room into a stunning home theater experience. Whether you’re listening to music from CDs, DVDs, gaming or any other audio source, these speakers work together to deliver high-performance surround sound music.

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Polk Audio RTI A7 Floor-standing Speaker

The Polk Audio RTI A7 is another set of quality floor-standing loudspeakers designed to match your home theater system to deliver quality music. Unlike its predecessors, the latest version of the Polk Audio RTI A7 have been designed with a number of crucial upgrades that take your music experience to a new level.

Among these upgrades are a smart MDF construction and resonance free enclosures (to ensure that the sound produced is not affected by the vibrations); power port technology (to reduce any port noise); a 1” dome tweeter; one 6.5” midrange speaker; and dual polymer composite 7” woofers. With such outstanding technology, these speakers have the capacity to deliver quality sounds, regardless of what they’re connected to.

By adjusting the mids, the highs and the bass, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality surround-sound music in your home

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Onkyo SKF-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex Floor-standing Speakers

These stylish and specially crafted speakers are among the best speakers under $500. Designed to boost the spectrum power in your home entertainment system, the Onkyo SKF-4800 speakers are easy to install and operate. According to most buyers, these floor-standing speakers offer smart features that change your home into a digital entertainment center.

The speakers are designed with one dome tweeter and two powerful woofers on each cabinet for fast response and high-quality music. With a maximum output of 130W, these speakers produce enough bass, brushing off the need for adding a subwoofer.

Having been welcomed with a magnificent 4.6/5-star rating, the Onkyo SKF-4800 Floor-standing Speakers are among the best speakers to consider under $500.

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Klipsch RF-82 II Reference Series Floor-standing Loudspeaker

The Klipsch RF-82 II Floor-standing Speakers are a must have high-profile speaker set that convert the atmosphere in your home into an entertainment center. Designed with the latest Tractrix horn technology, these speakers have the ability to produce high-definitive life-like sounds. The speaker is fitted with one titanium horn tweeter and two 8” high output woofers.

The speakers have the capacity to deliver well-defined sounds with reduced distortion for all music enthusiasts. Something else which most customers have appreciated with these speakers is the beautiful black wood grain finish of the cabinets, and the orange color of the speakers. This ensures that the speakers complement your home’s interior décor making it smart and stylish.

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