Pioneer Elite SP-EFS73 Floor Standing Speaker Review

A brainchild of the world-renowned engineer of speakers, Andrew Jones, the SP-EFS73 Elite is a floor standing speaker set that gives you the best quality that you need and the performance that you desire for that perfect home theater experience.

You will not get anything quite like the experience that you will get from this one. You will be able to take advantage of all the features that come with the Dolby Atmos configuration so you can surround yourself with fantastic sounds and crisp tones from your audio playlists.

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  • Pioneer Elite developed CST (Coherent Source Transducer) drivers; precise control on sound directivity at all frequencies
  • True 3-Way speaker design; each major frequency band is represented with a separate high, midrange, and low-frequency driver
  • Dolby-enabled top-firing concentric driver
  • Three 5-inch bass drivers for dynamic bass performance
  • Gold-plated 5-way binding posts; multi-element complex crossover technology; 4-Ohm impedance


  • Using the Pioneer Elite, developed by the Coherent Source Transducer drivers, you have better control of the precision with regards to the direction of the sound, as well as the frequencies that you deliver them in. This means that you are in full control of how you want your sound to be heard within the room.
  • If you want something off-screen in a movie to be coming from behind your seat, then you will feel as if it was actually coming from behind you, just like you would hear it in a theater.
  • This is great since you want to be able to immerse yourself in whatever it is that you are watching, not just with your eyes but with your ears as well.
  • With the true 3-way speaker design, the different frequencies that you hear from a set of sounds that are separated by high, midrange, and low frequencies all have their own drivers. This gives you a lot more leeway in how you want to hear these frequencies.
  • This is important because not all of the tones are meant to be heard as if they were face to face or close to your ears.
  • Some sounds are meant to be heard in just a faint volume, but still as crisp as possible. With the ability to manipulate how you hear the frequencies that is possible.
  • With the Dolby enabled top firing concentric driver, and three of the five-inch bass drivers, the performance of this speaker system is simply unparalleled. You have a lot more power, while still maintaining the quality that you want from your sounds.
  • This will prove to be a great experience, especially if you are someone that is interested in playing a lot of loud music and movies or even playing them at low volume while getting the best quality possible from all of their sound cues.
  • It also comes with a gold-plated, five-way binding post which is a multi-element complex crossover technology variant. This is great for those that require 4-Ohm impedance from their speaker systems.


  • For those that want to be able to plug and play their speaker systems, this might not be the right speaker for you.
  • The series of steps that you have to take to properly set up all of them, especially the Dolby Atmos, is complicated and takes a lot of effort to work through.
  • You are going to have to spend a few hours trying to figure everything out and even testing if the wiring are compatible with each other. Once you get through this, though, then you will have a magnificent experience with the stereo system itself.


The Pioneer Elite SP-eFS73 Dolby Atmos-Enabled by Andrew Jones gets four stars out of five from us. It truly is one of the most powerful releases by the Pioneer brand. It has all of the features that you need and want. As long as you can get over the hump of setting it up or if you know someone that is a professional with sound systems, then you are not going to have any further issues with this product.

It also has a proven track record of being durable so you are not going to waste your money on something that only works until the warranty is up.