Pioneer sp fs52 lr andrew jones designed floor standing loudspeaker

The Pioneer SP-FS52-LR is among the best and perfectly engineered speakers on the market today. Designed by Andrew Jones, this floor-standing speaker is perfect for home theater performance, delivering quality sounds for CDs, DVDs and gaming sources.

The Pioneer SP-FS52-LR speaker is exclusively designed for those who enjoy high-quality music. The speaker is designed with high-performance features and an exclusive sound quality that makes it one of the best on the market.

The Pioneer SP-FS52-LR is further designed with a special crossover that splits the audio signal into low, high or mid-range frequencies. Special capacitors are used to accomplish this task making the audio quality perfect for all listeners.

A special 5¼” woofer has further been added to improve the bass quality and response as compared to previous models. Last but not least, the Pioneer SP-FS52-LR is designed with sleek dimensions of 10.6” x 8.9” x 35.2” and a light weight of 25.8 pounds.

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The design–The Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Floor-standing Loudspeaker is designed with an exclusive surround-sound system that features a center channel speaker, two standing speakers and a powerful sub-woofer

Drivers—This speaker is designed with exclusive drivers that make the entire audio system powerful and very explosive as compared to most budget speakers. The manufacturer has employed bigger 1” dome tweeters with larger magnets to improve sensitivity and response


  • The Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Floor-standing Loudspeaker is reasonably priced making it affordable for most customers
  • This speaker provides an exclusive sound system that make it perfect for both home and theater performance
  • The quality of the sound delivered by this speaker is just outstanding. Most customers have stated that this speaker is capable of delivering high-quality refined sounds even when the volume is high


  • Many customers complained about the quality of sound delivered by this speaker, stating that it’s quite disappointing
  • Other customers have stated that the subwoofer is not 100% efficient. After being on for some time, it begins to produce a rattling sound, forcing you to turn it off


This speaker is perfect for the overage music enthusiast as it’s capable of delivering outstanding high quality sounds without consuming much power. This speaker is relatively inexpensive, stylish, and above all, it’s able to do what exactly it was designed to do. Having been welcomed with a 4.7/5-star rating from 1,290 customers, this speaker is the best for both home and theater settings.


Although the Pioneer SP-FS52-LR speaker has received positive feedback from most customers, we opted to review two more close competitors to give customers a wider option before making their decision.

Fisher Wireless Bluetooth Tower Speaker Theatre Class:

The Fisher Wireless Bluetooth Tower Speaker Theatre Class was the first floor-standing speaker we reviewed. This high-tech tower speaker is among the best on the market featuring exclusive Bluetooth chipset wireless technology.

Most customers who have used this speaker have praised the wireless feature which allows this speaker to operate with any Bluetooth device ranging from tablets, iPods, smartphones, and laptops. In addition, the Fisher wireless tower speaker is designed with an auxiliary port and a memory slot to allow it to play FM stations as well as T-Flash music.

ITSB-300 Gray 40-in Tall Tower Bluetooth Stereo System:

Secondly, we reviewed the Innovative Technology ITSB-300 Gray 40-in Tall Tower Bluetooth Stereo System with Piano Finish. Also designed with wireless capability, this speaker is another outstanding selection when it comes to choosing the best floor-standing speakers.

The speaker comes with two powerful drivers that work together to provide quality surround sound. The outer parts of this speaker are coated with a luxurious piano finish. The special cradle support feature has also been employed to ensure that the speaker is easier to pair with all Bluetooth devices.


After a thorough review of some of the leading floor-standing speakers on the market, the Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Loudspeaker led in the category. Designed with the latest driver technology, this speaker has the capacity to produce high-quality explosive sounds thanks to the perfect cabinet construction and powerful drivers. With the ability to pair with multiple audio devices, this speaker is perfect for music lovers who enjoy partying with friends.

Second in the category, we reviewed the Fisher Wireless Bluetooth Tower Speaker. As one of the speakers which comes with the latest Bluetooth Chipset wireless technology, the Fisher is capable of tethering with multiple Bluetooth and audio devices to deliver quality surround sound music in your home. The speaker is further designed with an inbuilt radio and memory card slot to offer you more entertainment options.

Last but not least, we reviewed the ITSB-300 Gray 40-in Tall Tower Bluetooth Stereo System. This speaker is another perfect selection of wireless tower speakers. It comes with smart features which include powerful drivers, solid cabinet construction and wireless capabilities which allow it to pair with all Bluetooth devices. Available at an affordable price, the ITSB-300 is perfect for college students looking to enjoy quality music.