JL Audio vs Wet Sounds Tower Speakers Compared

JL Audio vs Wet Sounds Tower Speakers Compared

When seeking serious full-range audio performance for home or commercial spaces, tower speakers deliver. Top brands like JL Audio and Wet Sounds make excellent options built to fill large rooms with stunning fidelity and heart-pounding bass.

But how do you select the right tower speakers for a booming sound that perfectly matches your tastes in music, movies, and more?

We dive deep on the crucial differences in sound profiles, build construction, key features, and overall value across these two premium speaker giants’ offerings. Read on to make the ideal tower speaker purchase decision for room-filling audio that blows you away.

Tower Speaker Basics

Before comparing specific models, what exactly are tower speakers? And what benefits do they offer over a bookshelf or floor-standing designs?

Tower Speaker Overview

Tower speakers utilize an elongated cabinet enclosing multiple woofers and tweeters in a vertical column. This allows increased internal air volume for extended low-frequency production compared to smaller enclosures.

Key Tower Speaker Benefits:

  • Deeper, richer bass reproduction
  • Immersive surround sound imaging
  • Powerful overall output volume
  • Minimal required external subwoofers
  • Statement-making aesthetics

Tower speakers demand more physical space but reward listeners with fully-encompassing soundscape immersion that truly transports you inside the recorded audio environment.

Next, let’s see how JL Audio and Wet Sounds tower speakers accomplish this goal through unique engineering ideas.

JL Speakers

Sound Quality Comparison

Arguably the most vital measurement for any loudspeaker remains fidelity and engulfing bathe-in-sound performance …

JL AudioWet Sounds
Custom woven glass fiber woofer cones Low distortion high excursion woofers 1” silk dome compression tweeters Selectable Adjustable Tweeter Levels (ATL) Stellar mid and high clarityInjection molded polypropylene woofer cones Oversize voice coil winding layers 1” mylar dome tweeters Bi-amp/passive switchable crossover Crisp detailed response

Both companies engineer their tower speakers for a transparent sound that emotionally engages listeners. JL Audio’s higher-end designs focus on reference-grade definition. Wet Sounds balances strong bass against quality mids and highs.

So while JL Audio carries an audiophile’s edge overall for smooth response across all frequencies, Wet Sounds still impress for max-volume clarity given its very affordable pricing in comparison.

Bass Power & Depth

Tower speakers must excel at projecting thundering lows across large spaces…

JL AudioWet Sounds
High excursion woofers with over 1″ travel Tuned ports and cabinets for punchy bass Will shake walls when pushed loud! Preserve definition even at high outputBuilt-in powered subwoofers Synergy Series feature dual subs Booming bass rattles fixtures Lose some precision at max volumes

JL Audio holds a principled philosophy on deep bass requiring proper enclosure sizes matched with sufficient woofer cone area. So their towers convey incredible low frequency nuance and detail.

Wet Sounds unapologetically favors boom and sizzle. So they integrate subwoofers directly into tower cabinets for intense bass output. Definition suffers at louder levels, but impact always impresses.

Ease of Drive & Setup

Complex amplifier and tuning requirements frustrate buyers who just want floor-standing speakers to quickly perform…

JL AudioWet Sounds
High sensitivity designs Easy to drive with any receiver Minimal fuss tuning needed Plug and play performanceSome passive while others powered Bi-amplified models flip a switch Integrated DSP and amps Self-contained solutions

Thanks to benign impedance loads and off-the-shelf crossovers requiring no custom tuning, JL Audio towers simply connect to standard AV receivers like traditional speakers.

Wet Sounds packs amplification and sound tuning intelligence directly inside towers for precision control and easy interfacing. So they trade some flexibility for maximal convenience.

Wet Sounds Tower Speakers

Design & Build Quality

Tower speakers endure long-term installation in fixed positions, making sturdy construction vital…

JL AudioWet Sounds
MDF wood cabinet construction Available luxury veneers Metal alloy grilles and trim High-quality binding posts Very refined fit and finishMDF or vinyl wrapped cabinets Tower bases optional Industrial look with exposed drivers Spring loaded terminals Built to withstand marine duty

You instantly recognize the difference in product generations between each brand here. JL Audio towers exude meticulous high end home theater aesthetic touches. Wet Sounds adopts a functional boat audio look focused more on extreme durability.

So style preference and intended placement environments help determine which construction ethos suits you better.

Speaker Options & Channels

Beyond basic two-channel left+right playback, additional drivers in more elaborate cabinet formations greatly expand soundscape dimensionality…

JL AudioWet Sounds
Available in 2-way and 3-way designs Floorstanding center channels Matching surround speakers Complete home theater packagesPrimarily 2-way towers Some 2.1 and 5.1 models Whole PA and karaoke bundles More limited home AV selection

JL Audio targets custom home integration specialists seeking high-performance architectural speakers. Their wide range of models serves unlimited configurations.

Wet Sounds instead focus on flexible tower designs packing voice and music playback for mobile DJ and entertainment rigs to replace bulky separate subwoofers and monitors. Their AV options remain less diverse but with innovative flair.

Ease of Placement

For home or business spaces lacking room to spare, tower speaker footprint matters…

JL AudioWet Sounds
Typical multi-driver designs Around 15” wide x 40-50” tall Also offer slimmer more vertical towers Custom finish options to “disappear”Made highly compact given performance Under 12” wide and 45” max height Optional wheeled tower stands Easy transport and storage

Given equivalent sound output levels, Wet Sounds crams impressive bass prowess into barely wider-than-bookshelf speaker chassis sizes. So they steal back spatial utility versus expectations.

JL Audio scales tower width and height based precisely on interior volume acoustic requirements, so remain quite space-conscious in their designs as well.

Price Comparison

A final vital reality check, how pricing shakes out shows true value…

JL AudioWet Sounds
Entry models are around $1,000+ each Mid-range towers $2,000-$3,000 Flagship designs hit $20,000! Premium audiophile pricingAs low as $600 per tower Mid-grade options $1,200 Top models max out around $3,000 Aggressive pricing given performance

Wet Sounds makes a compelling value argument against the established JL Audio pedigree. Pound for pound their ultra-modern designs often equal or best venerable audiophile speakers at just a fraction of the investment.

So budget-minded buyers seeking serious no-compromise tower sound should give Wet Sounds serious consideration. But pursuit of absolute acoustic perfection still draws interest toward JL Audio flagships as aspirational dream systems.

Key Considerations

To recap the deciding factors on selecting either brand:

JL Audio Best For: Audiophiles wanting refined sound Custom home theater integration 2 or 3 way floor standers High end construction qualityWet Sounds Best For: Powerful bass fanatics Karaoke/DJ PA speakers Cost-conscious buyers Marine and outdoor duty

So carefully weigh your exact audio expectations, placement logistics, and budget limits to make the optimal tower speaker model selection.

The Verdict

Both companies produce world-class tower speakers worthy of consideration by serious home theater enthusiasts or commercial installation clients.

JL Audio carries a distinguished legacy earning their higher pricing and audiophile credibility. You can’t go wrong investing in their towers if seeking benchmark-setting musicality above all else.

But the average consumer with more mainstream bass-head tastes will find outstanding value and performance in Wet Sounds innovative designs punching way above their cost.

The good news is you really can’t make a universally “bad” choice between these two top-shelf brands. Match the use case scenario and budget to pick the right option for your specific needs from either one.