Hear Sound as the Artist Intended - Infinity Tower Speakers Review 2024

Hear Sound as the Artist Intended – Infinity Tower Speakers Review 2024

Tower speakers promise an immersive listening experience, with powerful, room-filling sound perfect for music and home theater. As a niche audio equipment site focusing on towers, we set out to provide an in-depth review of Infinity Tower speakers for our discerning readers in 2024. Will these speakers live up to their promise of premium sound? Read on to find out.

Overview of Infinity Audio Brand

Since 1968, Infinity has been crafting innovative loudspeaker solutions for audiophiles seeking exceptional sound quality. They were among the first to use polypropylene woofers and dome tweeters, advancing speaker design. Today, Infinity is owned by Harman International, a subsidiary of Samsung, and continues pushing boundaries.

Infinity speakers promise to deliver the music or movie soundtrack as the creator intended, without colorization or distortion. They achieve this through proprietary technologies like CMMD and SSI, optimized driver materials and construction, and clever industrial design. If authentic sound reproduction matters to you, Infinity deserves a listen.

Key reasons to consider Infinity speakers:

  • Proprietary technologies for accurate sound
  • High-end design and components
  • Tower models for serious music/home theater
  • Part of Harman and Samsung ecosystem
  • 55+ years perfecting speakers

Now let’s explore some of their most popular current tower speakers and see how they measure up.

Infinity Reference 263 Tower Speaker Review

Infinity Reference 263 Tower Speaker Review
Type3-Way Tower Speaker
DriversDual 6.5″ Polypropylene Woofers
6″ Cone Midrange
1″ CMMD Lattice Tweeter
Frequency Response37Hz – 30kHz ±3dB
Recommended Power20 – 300W
Impedance8 ohms
Dimensions (HxWxD)43″ x 8.3″ x 13.25″

The Infinity Reference 263 towers deliver powerful, room-filling sound thanks to dual 6.5″ polypropylene woofers and a large isolated midrange driver. The 1″ CMMD tweeter ensures smooth, natural highs.

Key features:

  • CMMD tweeter for seamless, accurate response
  • Dual woofers provide 258W power handling
  • High 92dB sensitivity rating
  • 8 ohm nominal impedance rating
  • Frequency response from 37Hz to 30kHz

Sound Quality

With superb stereo imaging and wide dynamic range, the Reference 263 towers excel with both music and movies. The dual woofers deliver strong, controlled bass down to 37Hz, easily filling a large room. The isolated midrange prevents distortion, while the CMMD tweeter serves up airy highs without harshness. Vocals sound natural and instruments have space to breathe. Even at loud volumes, these speakers maintain composure.

Sound characteristics:

  • Strong bass without bloating
  • Clear midrange for vocal detail
  • Smooth, extended highs
  • Three-dimensional imaging
  • Handles high output levels

If you want tower speakers that can truly immerse you with bombastic movie soundtracks or the soaring crescendos of orchestral works, the Infinity Reference 263 gets the job done beautifully.


Visually, the Reference 263 speakers make a statement with their black wood grain vinyl and contoured enclosures. The front baffle showcases the drivers, with the CMMD tweeter centered between the midrange and dual woofers. The matte black finish exudes elegance and the LED light around the tweeter adds modern flair when powered on.

Design highlights:

  • Sleek modern aesthetics
  • Contoured MDF enclosure
  • Black wood grain vinyl finish
  • Chamfered edges for style
  • Light-up tweeter when powered

With their slender tower profile, this speaker pair fits nicely in corners or flush against walls, disappearing into your living space. The Reference 263 towers coordinate well with the latest AV receivers, TVs, and media components for a contemporary home theater.


From the high-end drivers to sturdy MDF construction, the Reference 263 towers are built to last. They feel solidly made and substantial when moving them. The speaker binding posts, located in a recessed panel at the rear, securely accept banana plugs or bare wire connections. With a 5-year limited warranty and proven longevity of earlier Infinity models, these speakers promise years of premium performance.

Signs of quality:

  • Proprietary CMMD tweeters
  • Polypropylene woofers avoid distortion
  • Heavy duty MDF enclosures
  • Gold-plated binding posts
  • Lengthy 5-year warranty

For the price point, the Infinity Reference 263 towers deliver sensational sound backed by precise craftsmanship. If you seek no-compromise performance for serious music or home theater, these speakers should absolutely be on your short list.

Infinity Reference 253 Tower Speaker Review

Infinity Reference 253 Tower Speaker Review
Type2-Way Tower Speaker
DriversDual 6.5″ Polypropylene Woofers
1″ CMMD Lattice Tweeter
Frequency Response42Hz – 30kHz ±3dB
Recommended Power20 – 225W
Impedance8 ohms
Dimensions (HxWxD)40” x 8” x 12”

The Infinity Reference 253 towers deliver surprisingly powerful bass thanks to dual high-excursion 6.5” polypropylene woofers. The 1” CMMD tweeter provides pristine highs for well-balanced sound.

Key features:

  • CMMD tweeter for smooth response
  • Dual woofers with oversized voice coils
  • 237W power handling
  • 91dB sensitivity rating
  • 8 ohm nominal impedance
  • Frequency response from 42Hz to 30kHz

Sound Quality

Showcasing impressive range and dynamics, the Reference 253 towers sound fantastic whether you’re blasting movie soundtracks or spinning your favorite jazz album. The woofers dig surprisingly deep down to 42Hz before rolling off, working well for most music. Midrange clarity shines with this 2-way design, allowing guitars and vocals to cut through the mix with detail and presence. Meanwhile the CMMD tweeter serves up crisp highs that sparkle but never become harsh or fatiguing. Imaging is quite good, with a spacious soundstage.

Sound characteristics:

  • Strong bass beyond its size
  • Detailed midrange performance
  • Airy extended highs
  • Spacious stereo imaging
  • Lively dynamics across genres

If your listening tastes run the gamut from Taylor Swift to Hans Zimmer, the Infinity Reference 253 tower speakers will make your music and movies come alive with energy and excitement. For their modest size, they perform well above their weight class.


Clad in black wood grain vinyl, the Reference 253 towers feature a slim, vented enclosure optimized for bass performance. The front baffle displays the CMMD tweeter and dual polypropylene woofers, with chamfered edges adding flair. The matte black finish lends an elegant, understated look. Thanks to their slim profile, these speakers disappear easily into a living room or home theater setup.

Design highlights:

  • Slim tower form factor
  • Black wood grain vinyl
  • Chamfered edges for modern style
  • Discreet aesthetic
  • Matte black finish

With flexibility for placement in tight spaces, the Infinity Reference 253 towers deliver robust audio in an unassuming, neutral package. For those seeking big sound without a dominating presence, these speakers fit the bill.


Featuring rigid MDF construction, removable magnetic grilles, and gold-plated binding posts, the Reference 253 towers exude quality craftsmanship. The drivers feel solidly made, with rubber surrounds ensuring long-term durability. Each tower has a sturdy base and rear panel with ample room for wire connections. With their 5 year warranty and the manufacturing might of Harman behind them, expect many years of outstanding performance.

Signs of quality:

  • Rigid MDF enclosures
  • CMMD tweeter design
  • Durable polypropylene woofers
  • Removable grilles
  • 5 year warranty
  • Harman build quality

Delivering refinement beyond its price point, the Infinity Reference 253 towers represent a superb value focused purely on sound. If you seek affordability without sacrificing an ounce of performance, put these towers on your audition list.

Final Verdict: Who Should Buy Infinity Tower Speakers?

If premium, highly accurate sound matters more than style or branding, Infinity delivers some of the best performance for the money. Backed by sophisticated engineering and Harman’s auto-grade testing, the Reference 263 and Reference 253 towers boast the acoustic goodness to satisfy discerning listeners.

Ideal buyers for Infinity tower speakers:

  • Music lovers seeking natural sound
  • Home theater enthusiasts wanting true-to-life movie audio
  • Those craving powerful, deep bass performance
  • People valuing substance over style
  • Shoppers wanting the best value on the market

With leading technology like CMMD tweeters and rigid enclosures housing high-end drivers, Infinity tower speakers set the standard for authentic sound reproduction. If you desire big, bold, lifelike audio that fully immerses you, check out these towers. For serious listeners who put performance first,Infinity delivers the goods.