Are Floor Standing Speakers Better?

Are Floor Standing Speakers Better?

The most common question asked by people who are thinking of buying speakers for their home set is “Are floor standing speakers better than bookshelf speakers?” You will be torn between buying the two since there are so many pros and cons that you have to keep in mind before finally making up your mind and buying one.

You have to make sure that you take into consideration a lot of things so you know full well what the benefits are and how they will bring your entertainment experience to greater heights.

There is no definite answer to the question since standing speakers, on their own, have so many different brands and models making it tough to compare them to one another if they already are competing amongst themselves. Let us compare the two most common types of speakers: floor standing speakers and bookshelf speakers.

Which Speaker Should I Get if I Want to Watch a Movie in My Home Theater?

If you want to use speakers for your home theater, then the best option would be to get floor standing speakers. They are a lot better with the sound of your movies because they give off that surround-sound and thicker effect that you get from classic theaters. This is thanks primarily to their size and their height overall.

If you compare them to bookshelf speakers, which are more compact and compressed with how they release the sounds, they are definitely much better in those situations. The latter, however, stands out if you place them on top of shelves for sounds that you want to be heard in the entire room. They are good for playing music at cafes and those sorts of businesses thanks to their coverage of music and ease to setup.

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Which Speaker Should I Get if I Want Powerful Speakers to Play Loud Music in the Room?

If you are looking for powerful speakers, then you definitely will get a lot of power from floor standing speakers. You only need one pair of these speakers to get the sound across the entire room properly. If you are running just a small room for your stage, then you want to be able to use a bookshelf speaker.

They take up less space and the compact sound to them gives a great vibe overall. They are particularly great if you run an open mic bar and you want everyone to not have to constantly cover their ears because the sound is too loud. The retention on most shelf speakers is a lot better when you consider the peak highs and the lows.

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Which Speaker Should I Get if I Am Working on a Tight Budget or Do Not Want to Spend That Much Money?

In terms of budget, then floor standing speakers are a lot more expensive if you compare them to bookshelf speakers. They offer great deals at most of the stores, but you are probably going to run out of luck if you try looking for a cheap floor standing speaker that can compete with the pricing of a bookshelf speaker.

They are very rare and any brand or model that you find wholesaling at those low price are probably not going to offer you a lot in terms of durability and sound quality. There is only so much you can do with limited amount of funds.

There are a lot of different units and models out there released by the many brands and manufacturers. You are probably going to find the suitable one in no time, regardless of the budget that you are going to be working with.

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